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Circle Burner Smith style

Circle Burner Smith style


It's here! Our variant for the heavy duty Smith torches. Cut up to 16" diameter just like our original Victor style. Accepts SC12 tips.

Torch not included.

Expected shipping date will be March 14th 2023

Better. Safer. Tougher. 1

At Circle B Technologies, we set out to design and build better, safer welding products. Our designs for welding and cutting torches were immediately accepted and our Arizona based Victor style oxy-acetylene welding product company grew rapidly.

Our high-quality circle burner leads to unparalleled working efficiency, which means no compromise on your workflow! A long-lasting, tough-built product is an investment in your craftsmanship that can’t be replicated.

When you choose our products, expect them to offer unrivaled performance, superior productivity, and built-to-last dependability, offering you more value for your purchase.

Superior Quality. Reliable. High Performance.

Whether on flat plate or pipe, whether you need a 15” or 60” circle, we have the perfect addition to the toolkit of the master steelworker! The Circle Burner steel circle cutter is an attachment for Victor style torches designed to cut perfect circles with the oxy-fuel welding and cutting torch while reducing layout time.

  • The tool is used for oxygen-acetylene cutting torches for the welding industry, designed to cut steel.

  • It’s constructed from the highest grade stainless steel and aluminum materials with a roller ball bearing adaption to most victor style cutting tips.

  • The bearing and pivot point work in conjunction with each other to provide smooth, precise cuts with minimal movements.

  • Accurate circles of various sizes can be perfectly achieved.

  • Our Circle Burner disk cutter is a unique tool for cutting circles or disks in the trade and comes with a product warranty.

  • It replaces the torch nut currently used on the torch. The direct torch attachment to its head is unlike any other product available in the market.

  • The front-line design cuts layout time in half, enabling the user to perform precision cuts in an extremely quick manner.

  • The kit also cuts 5/8” to 15” circles with options arriving in the future to extend the hole to 60.”

At Circle B Technologies, we believe that precision is the #1 priority—because a tool that performs a job halfway is worth nothing. This is why our product is built for accuracy, practical use, and durability—so you have a tool that makes your job easier and comes through when required.

We believe that the highest quality of work requires the highest level of skill and equipment. You provide half that equation, and we do the remaining.

Why Are Our Products Unique?

  • Quality precision tools

  • 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Supporting small businesses in America

The Circle B Technologies’ Circle Burner is a must for any welder’s toolbox! Our integrated system provides exceptional cost-performance benefits.

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