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Circle Burner - journeyman torch - cutting attachment


Do you want to make the perfect cut every time, in any angle and situation?

Circle B Technologies is a proud company specializing in unique and ingenious tool solutions for the trades

Based in Springerville, Arizona, we aim to develop a global market branded for major welding industry equipment manufacturers. We’re dedicated to developing innovative products for your cutting and specialty welding applications and delivering service excellence. We’ve built a solid reputation throughout the industry for brilliance in product design.

At Circle B Technologies, we recognized the lack of a reliable tool in the welding industry to conduct the job and expand the American product’s market. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA, utilizing the highest quality materials and patented design.

Here, we were founded to offer ingenious tools for the trades. Our innovative and cutting-edge product, the “Circle Burner,” is established for victor style torches for cutting perfect circles in steel plate and pipe for the welding industry. We manufacture products for use with oxygen-acetylene cutting torches designed to cut steel.

We aim to supply the material requirements of the growing industry in the fields of welding, fabrication, mining, oil, power, and shipyard industries. At Circle B Technologies, we guarantee that our Circle Burner for cutting torch is unique, innovative, utilizes the pioneering technologies, and better than any in the market integrated with the unique design.

Larry Coffelt, creator of Circle B Technologies, smiling by the ocean

Larry Coffelt, Founder

Nic Coffelt, owner and operator of Circle B Technologies

Nicolas Coffelt, Owner

Larry is the Designer and Creator of the “Circle Burner” and many other ingenious tools.

Larry Coffelt designed and patented the “Circle Burner.” His ingenuity, experience, and passion in construction, ironworking, and well drilling industries led him to develop this essential, efficient, and time-saving tool for the job.

He worked for years as an Oklahoma native and skilled tradesman who pursued Iron Working, Pipe Fitting, surveying careers, and finally becoming a successful operator owner of a water well drilling company in Springerville, AZ. Larry Coffelt always discovered a way to cut perfect circles with minimal layout time that led to the creation of the circle burner.

At Circle B Technologies, we focus our efforts on bringing awareness about the products that offer unique solutions. Searching for a “circle cutter near me” in the state of Arizona will not be a challenge anymore! Circle Burners at Circle B Technologies are all you need to ease your welding jobs in minimum time and highest efficiency.

Creator Larry Coffelt standing by the ocean and smiling


Nicolas Coffelt owns and operates Circle B Technologies.

Circle B Technologies was originally founded by Larry Coffelt and Belinda Coffelt. It’s now officially owned and operated by Nicolas Coffelt, one of four Coffelt siblings, and managed by Belinda Coffelt.

Since the summer of 2019, when Larry Coffelt met a fatal accident on the job and could not pursue his last mission, the “Circle Burner,” his youngest son, Nicolas Coffelt, has been continuously involved in the completion of the product for the past year. He dedicated his free time to bringing the product to fruition and transforming Larry’s dream into a reality. From transferring the Patent to hand making the first batch of Circle Burners to CNC production and packaging, all was done proudly in the USA.


Owner Nic Coffelt using the Circle Burner tool
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